Alondra Vega-Zaldivar



Canadian composer Alondra Vega-Zaldivar was born in Cuba and is currently living in Toronto, Canada. Her music draws inspiration from everything that surrounds her and aims to reflect her curious and humoristic take on the world: from the stars that shimmer up above to the constant singing of cicadas, but also her yearning for peace in humankind. More recently she has discovered a passion for the natural world and looks forward to inspiring people to look closer at the beauty that is found in the most unlikely places on Earth.

Alondra obtained her BMus in Theory and Composition as well as her MMus in Composition from The University of Western Ontario, where she studied with Canadian composers: David Myska, Paul Frehner, Peter Paul Koprowski and Omar Daniel. In 2018 Alondra was a finalist for the Costello Composition Prize organized by the Lyra Society organization and her piece Peace… for flute, viola and harp will be published by Fatrock Ink Music Publisher this coming fall. 


I'm still having waterbug problems... begins at 00:29 and is excerpted again at the close of the episode at 27:22. By the Baker-Barganier Duo, featuring Elizabeth A. Baker and Erich Barganier. 

Serotonin begins at 8:09. Featuring Dawn Pufahl on viola and Elizabeth A. Baker on toy piano.

Tweed Fantasy - Perpetual Dream begins at 17:48.

On The Other Side begins at 22:51. Featuring Dawn Pufahl on viola and Elizabeth A. Baker on toy piano.

I'm still having waterbug problems... is excerpted for a second time at 27:22. See above for track and details.


Below is a small selection of music and writing. Visit Elizabeth's online shop for more albums and books.

"An album of works for prepared piano, piano with live electronics, as well as a piece for voice manipulated by electronics."

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"This book is not a collection of poetry. This book is not a collection of essays. This book is selection of musings, or writings to consider, to ruminate upon and perhaps even, to draw questions and conclusions about your own life and psyche. The writings in this book represent the struggle of an artist trying to make sense of the world before them. A world in which, they are less of an active participant and more of an observer. While the works penned in this collection were written by a growing artist in their formative years, there are some universal truths in these pages. It is the hope of the author that all souls who read these pages find comfort within the knowledge that they are not alone in their feelings, and that this might serve as a bright light for those grappling with the balance between the various facets of their being on this plane."

"Toyager: A Toy Piano Method, is the first comprehensive book designed exclusively for toy piano instruction. Beyond the principles of technique and history of toy piano, the book features an introduction to music notation, tactics for effective practicing, as well as strategies for improvisation. Written music theory exercises are paired with solo repertoire and interactive content to enhance the student's experience of the toy piano."