About the Podcast

The first episode of the Listening to Ladies podcast was released September 26, 2016. The episodes feature excerpts from interviews with composers who are women, interwoven with samples of their work. Interviewees include established, emerging and under-recognized composers from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Israel, Iran, Scotland, England, and Australia.

Each interview covers two main themes: the composer's experience of being a woman in this field, and the composer's music & aesthetics. 

1. Ingrid Stölzel (9/26/16) 
2. Pamela Z (10/4/16)
3. Anna Höstman (10/12/16)
4. Augusta Cecconi-Bates (10/26/16)
5. Jessie Montgomery (11/24/16)
6. Lainie Fefferman (1/12/17)
7. Dolores White (2/8/17)
8. Whitney George (3/31/17)

+ 18 more to be RELEASED

FM Broadcasts as of January 2017:

  • Episode 2 of the podcast was broadcast on the show Katrins Klangschiene on 12/8/16 on Orange 94.0 in Vienna. 
  • On January 9, 2017, WMUK in Kalamazoo, MI began a regular weekly installment of the podcast, featuring the episodes in full + clips from an interview with Elisabeth. Links to each installment:
    January 9, 2017 featuring Ingrid Stölzel. "Continue listening for a follow-up interview, in which Elisabeth Blair talks to Cara Lieurance about creating the podcast. It begins at 27:00 into the audio."
    January 16, 2017 featuring Pamela Z. "In a post-episode discussion with Cara Lieurance, Blair says that as a neophyte podcaster, it took some courage on her part to email Pamela Z, whose work she admired, to ask for an interview. She was excited to receive an immediate affirmative reply. Blair describes her trip to San Francisco to visit Z's studio."
    January 23, 2017 featuring Augusta Cecconi-Bates. "In a pre-episode interview, Elisabeth Blair tells Cara Lieurance about visiting the 83 year-old Cecconi-Bates at her home in rural New York. She summarizes some stories that weren't included in the episode, and concludes with her thoughts on how the act of sharing one's stories can be a powerful gift."