Elizabeth Lain



Composer Elizabeth Lain discusses the independence that sample libraries afford, the self-defeating nature of elitism,
and how classical music's relevance hinges on the inclusion of marginalized voices.


Elizabeth is a soundtrack and New Music composer based in Seattle, WA. She works across a wide variety of projects from film and games, to custom theme music and notifications for internet broadcasts and audio books.

She is a very visual composer and want to make sure her audience can share in this experience.

She is very passionate about telling stories from non-mainstream perspectives, whether it’s in collaborative works like film or in her own standalone compositions. She feels it’s important to tell diverse stories from multitudes of life experiences.

In addition to composition, she also does location recording, audio mixing, dialog cleanup, and sound design.


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Mycelium begins at 00:50. Live at Scorca Hall, National Opera Center, NYC. Release date 3/25/18.

Blood Moon begins at 8:10. Performed by the Queer Urban Orchestra.
This recording is not currently available online.

Midnight at One Thousand Meters begins at 16:24. Performed by Vent Nouveau. Release date 3/30/17.

Don’t You Want To Be Like Me begins at 20:58. Composed by Duet (Elizabeth Lain &

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