A list of all composers and works featured on our old blog and on social media.

Break The Sound Barrier is a campaign for more diverse and equitable programming.


Compass New Music Series (formerly the Listening to Ladies concert series) partners with ensembles to help showcase new music by those who, due to their gender identities, experience disenfranchisement under the patriarchy, which in the classical/new music world continues to support and showcase primarily cisgender males. 

VAN Magazine - Independent Classical Music Zine with frequent articles touching on gender inequality in the field, and showcasing women and people of color from within the classical music world.
Women in Music - A Journal of Gender and Culture
Signature - Women and Music Magazine published by The Maud Powell Society

Archiv Frau und Musik - Women's music archive, located in Frankfurt, Germany. Friendly musicologists and a wonderful resource.
Donne in Musica - "Women in Music," a foundation based in Italy.
The Kapralova Society - includes extraordinarily thorough databases of women composers, women conductors, and a rich collection of other lists, recommended literature, articles and resources.
Konstmusiksystrar - "Contemporary Sisters" - a Swedish index of contemporary women composers under age 30. 
Many, Many Women - an invaluable index of women in music, from several different genres.

International Alliance for Women in Music - a group striving to unite and showcase women in classical music around the world. 
New York Women Composers - an organization for those based in the Big Apple. 

The Kapralova Society - championing the works of early 20th-century Czech composer Vítězslava Kaprálová (1915-1940). 
The Rebecca Clarke Society - championing the works of composer and violist Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979).
Women in Music - raising awareness of gender issues in music. 
The National Women's History Museum - still only a website. Support them in their bid to have a physical space in Washington D.C. by signing their petition.

Gathering Her Notes - Women's late 20th and 21st century contemporary classical music radio show.
Hildegard to Hildegard - a Devon-based radio show featuring music by women.
Into the Light Radio with Kathryn Mishell - a radio show which broadcast for 11 years. Now the website serves as a resource and there are also fun monthly quizzes. 
The IAWM maintains an excellent list of radio programs that especially invite women to send their music to them to be broadcast.

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