Anna Höstman

Composer & Sound Artist

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As an artist working in sound and composition, Anna has had her works performed in Canada, China, the United States, England, Mexico, Italy and Russia. Her music seeks out sensory and tactile encounters with the world while also extending into story, memory, history, and landscape. Furthermore, her interest in the experimental use of language and text often results in the creative exploration of processes where source materials can be broken down into fragments and put into new relationships with each other.


Pine Trees and Blue Sky - painting by Emily Carr:

Pine Trees and Blue Sky  by    Emily Carr

Pine Trees and Blue Sky by Emily Carr


Water Walking, featuring violinist Mira Benjamin, created by videographer Angela Guyton

Singing the Earth


1. Moths Drink the Tears of Sleeping Birds - begins to play at 1:06. Performed by Quatuor Bozzini at The Music Gallery in Toronto, Ontario, 14 Nov 2015.

2. Pine Trees and Blue Sky - begins playing at 11:00. One of four movements of the work Emily's Piece. Performed by the Aventa Ensemble at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, September 2011.

3. Water Walking - begins playing at 17:32. Performed by Mira Benjamin on violin and Scott Mc Laughlin whistling. Commissioned in 2016 with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

4. Nuyaml-il Kulhulmx (Singing the Earth) - excerpts begin playing at 23:03. Performed by the Continuum Ensemble at Wychwood Barns in Toronto, Ontario, December, 2014. Commissioned by Continuum with funding provided by the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, SSHRCC and the Canada Council.


Moths Drink the Tears of Sleeping Birds

EXCERPT OF EMILY'S PIECE, of which Pine Trees and Blue Sky is one of four movements