If you can offer any of your valuable time to doing any of the following actions, I would be very grateful, and would love for you to get in touch. No amount of help is too small. Seriously. 

  • Encouraging people to write iTunes reviews

  • Helping with our Patreon crowdfunding campaign

  • Scoping out venues/ensembles who could perform a Listening to Ladies concert

  • Helping to administrate concerts and calls for scores

  • Co-curating the daily showcase of composers featured on our website and social media

  • Helping to design and edit a blog or publication focused on non-cis male classical music news (reviews, interviews, announcements, and more)

  • Contributing articles to the upcoming blog/publication

  • Social media outreach

  • Marketing the podcast to radio stations, blogs, publications and others

  • Encouraging folks who are able to join as paid subscribers through our Patreon crowdfunding page

  • Working to create an active YouTube video channel (could be quick interviews with composers, or other folks working for equity in classical music)

  • Seeking out grants and other funding opportunities (for the podcast production, for the purchase of equipment like video cameras, for the publication if it happens, for concerts, for the mentoring program, and so forth)

  • Grant writing

  • Helping improve the website, especially adding resources such as searchable databases of composers as well as relevant organizations

  • Helping to re-brand with a name that is inclusive of all non-cis male composers

  • Long-term: Helping to developing an online mentoring program for young women composers (pre-college age)

  • Contemplating other ways of fundraising such as relevant and social-justice-worthy advertising, and, once the re-brand takes place, looking into the possible selling of swag (totes, t-shirts, etc), handmade by non-cis male-run craftspeople and businesses.


Any amount you donate will be allocated either:

  • to help fund a concert of women's compositions (which may involve the cost of a space and an ensemble's fees), OR
  • to help fund the cost of the podcast (which involves travel, equipment, software, and most of all, time for editing).
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