LtL and Inclusivity

This project began as a personal challenge to myself (a newcomer to classical music) to see if I could post a piece of music by one woman composer each day. In my ignorance, I genuinely thought maybe it would last a month (but I've now posted well over 400 and have so many hundreds more to post). Because the FB page I created needed a name, I came up with one that didn't involve the much-debated term 'women composers.' However, Listening to Ladies is still a problematic name. I've certainly received some feedback on the word 'ladies' being something feminists of an older generation historically pushed back on. It's a legitimate complaint.

While I operate under this name with some uneasy misgivings, for me, the name is a bit tongue-in-cheek. In my head it is spoken with a bit of an annoyed tone of voice, a bit of a sarcastic tone. It evokes the sexist issue women so often face of not being listened to - whether in a boardroom, a conversation or a concert hall. For me, the name comes from a place of both playfulness and anger.

There are other reasons it's a problematic name though - it focuses purely on those who identify as women. This means it's inclusive for trans women, but otherwise keeps out all non-binary and genderqueer folks. This bothers me. It's not okay. The main issue that I'm tackling with this project as a whole is that men (usually white men) have monopolized the overall 'conversation' in classical music composition. It follows then that my main goal should not be to single out women but to instead lift up the voices of all those who are not benefitting from patriarchy.

Therefore, while the name will remain - for the moment - Listening to Ladies (though suggestions are welcome), I'd like to first of all apologize for my shortsightedness. I am learning and waking as I go, and making many mistakes in the process.

Second of all, I would like to humbly invite and welcome all non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, and genderqueer composers into the LtL sphere of activity. I'm sorry I'm late, but if anything I'm doing with LtL would be helpful for showcasing your work or lifting up your voices, I'm here.