Some Changes to LtL

Hello to the new music community!

I have been on the fence for many months now about whether to amp up my efforts (become fiscally sponsored, form a board, become a nonprofit) or to keep them as limited, separate, personal projects. I have, for now, decided on the latter. Therefore, a few changes needed to be made.

1. This website will feature only the Listening to Ladies podcast. The podcast itself will be finite; approximately 30 episodes and then I will move on to different projects. I regret that my interviewees all identify as female (rather than a broader array of non-cis-male gender identities), but I became aware of this lack of diversity only after I had done all of the interviews. Given the workload involved in editing each episode, I am not willing to extend this series beyond 30 episodes; therefore, I'm going to simply edit this set of interviews, and call this particular project complete.
Future and concurrent projects will not be making the same regrettable mistake.

2. The concert series will no longer operate under the same name as the podcast. Instead, it now has its own name: Compass New Music. I have long associated the image of a compass rose with a sense of spiritual direction, and in fact it was my first tattoo. The word 'compass' itself has several meanings, one of which is the scope or range of something. With this concert series I aim to help amplify the musical voices of the broad range of gender identities which do not benefit from the patriarchy. 
The concert series does not have its own website for now, but you can find it on both Facebook and Twitter.

3.  The online showcase will continue, but will happen solely on my social media accounts, and more casually. 

Questions, comments, suggestions or critiques? Please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks for your ongoing support!

Elisabeth Blair